Neil Young Mixtape Volume #1


01- Heart of Gold [From “Harvest”,1972]

02- Ocean Girl [From “Long May You Run”,1976]

03- My Heart [From “Sleeps With Angels”,1994]

04- Country Home [From “Ragged Glory”,1990]

05- Hey,Hey,My,My (Into The Black) [From “Live Rust”,1979]

06- Piece of Crap [From “Sleeps With Angels”,1994]

07- I Believe in You [From “After The Gold Rush”,1970]

08- Down By The River [From “Everybody Knows This Nowhere”,1969]

09- Harvest Moon [From “Harvest Moon”,1992]

10- Rockin’In The Free World [From “Freedom”,1989]

11- Blowin’In The Wind [From “Weld”,1991]

12- Like a Hurricane [From “American Stars N Bars”,1977]

13- See The Sky About The Rain [From “On The Beach”,1975]

14- Hey,Hey,My,My (Out of Blue) [From “Rust Never Sleeps”,1979]

15- The Needle And The Damage Done [From “Unplugged Mtv”,1992]

16- Where Is the Highway Tonight [From “Old Ways”,1985]

17- Philadelphia [From “Philadelphia Soundtrack”,1993

18- Big Time [From “Broken Arrow”,1996]

19- Pardon My Heart [From “Zuma”,1975]

20- Comes a Time [From “Comes a Time”,1978]

21- Nothing Is Perfect [From “A Treasure”,2011]



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